Month: January 2016

My Child Won’t Use Public Toilets: Try a portable potty!

I never thought toilet training my nearly 3-year-old would take so long. We did infant potty training and she started pooping in the potty from 5 months of age. I use the term “training” very loosely here as it actually came very naturally to her. We eventually progressed to full toilet training at home by the time

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Pregnancy Diary #2: 34 WEEKS- Pregnancy vitamins and supplements

34 weeks and things are getting crampier and tighter. Surprisingly though my energy levels have improved a lot, probably due to the fact that my folic acid dose has been increased to 5 mg. I have thalassaemia (in super layman terms, my red blood cells are small and flat) so the doctor suggested a mega

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Pregnancy Diary #2: 33 WEEKS- Prepping for baby’s arrival

I have finally gotten round to prepping for Miss E’s arrival- buying essentials like nappies and breast pads, washing the newborn clothes and making space in Miss A’s closet to store them, digging out my TENS machine and Epi-No etc. So at least now I feel slightly more relaxed about her impending arrival. This was

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