Pregnancy Diary #2: 30 WEEKS- It’s getting hot in here

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It’s a hot summer in Melbourne and I feel like I’m dying, especially with a toddler who gets restless at home. On the plus side, I’ve started getting offered seats on public transport.

29 weeks bump

I also had to do my glucose tolerance test with the toddler in tow. I brought a ridiculous amount of bribes to make her sit still for the 3 or so hours she had to tag along with me (2 hour test + 1 hour walk to and fro). Safe to say her sugar high was more enjoyable than mine though. It was hard to keep from throwing up that drink 1 hour into the test. The results all returned normal but I was left with the worst bruising on the arm they drew blood from twice. I’m not sure why as they were very quick and professional and found my vein immediately – it’s not like they were poking around there. The bruise was like 2 inches running along the vein and looked so gross I couldn’t look at it for most of the 2 weeks it took to fade.

With an increased workload plus social obligations at the end of the year, I’ve started drinking coffee again here and there. It is just a total necessity to function. It doesn’t help that my toddler doesn’t seem to need much sleep at night and there are days when even my husband sleeps longer at night than her. I personally don’t think a cup of coffee a day is very harmful to the fetus considering one of the treatments for breathing issues encountered by premature babies is to give them caffeine! At the end of the day, a happy, relaxed mum is what is most important! 

Miss E is getting crazy strong and active in my tummy and often I feel exhausted just feeling her movements. Sometimes it feels like she’s literally grinding my organs into a pulp. I really do hope that when she comes out she’ll surprise me by being super serene!

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