Pregnancy Diary #2: 27 WEEKS- The Third Trimester Begins

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Right on cue, as a welcome into the last 3 months of pregnancy, I was greeted with a lovely searing leg cramp in the middle of the night. Leg cramps are common in the third trimester for reasons unknown but the best guess is the growing uterus pressing against nerves and/or blood vessels. If you didn’t already know, the moment you’re struck with it, the thing to do is STRETCH. That is, flex your foot upwards towards you. It helps relieve the spasms and prevent muscle soreness the next day. I find regular stretching throughout the day helps prevent the cramps in the middle of the night. Other things you can do to help prevent it is to stay hydrated and take a magnesium/calcium supplement.

26 weeks bump

I’m getting to a pretty decent size now and being on my feet all day is getting a bit challenging. With an outgoing toddler and no desire to learn to drive, it’s not unusual for me to walk up to 5-6 km a day all while pushing a pram or carrying groceries etc. Then there is the tiny little challenge of entertaining a little person all day, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, getting dinner on the table and all that jazz. Sometimes if it’s all too much, I start getting painful contractions. So I’m really having to slow down a bit and pace myself these days.

Miss E has been kicking up a storm lately. She was a late starter but she is basically now as active as Miss A was in my tummy and my hopes for a calm, zen baby is slowly evaporating. Even the midwife who was trying to listen to Miss E’s heartbeat with a Doppler declared “It’s a party in there!” Some of her kicks and nudges are so strong it hurts. She has also started hiccuping which basically feels like you’re having a muscle spasm.

It’s the last spring night. We’re going into summer tomorrow and will see our little girl before this season is over!

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