Pregnancy Diary #2: 23 WEEKS- Sisterly Love

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Miss E is getting so strong now. I’m feeling lots more kicks and my tummy now visibly moves when she delivers a big one. Generally though I still feel Miss A was more active than her…which is definitely a good thing. I really hope Miss E is more like my husband than me…(read: CALM!).

23 weeks bump

The toddler has been a bit difficult this week and I am feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. How am I going to cope next year with two of them, round the clock breastfeeding and no sleep? Everyone says the second one will be easier but having now had a taste of motherhood, I am totally realistic. It’s going to be so hard. And I am absolutely petrified.

I’ve been trying to make the most out of my time with Miss A now while the little one is still in the oven. Generally Miss A is at a pretty pleasant age and it’s quite enjoyable taking her out now. Sure there are the toddler metldowns and illogical moments, but I still think the toddler stage is so much better than the newborn stage. I much prefer them when they can walk and talk! Miss A is also not the type to run around crazy like some toddlers do. She enioys having a drink and a conversation which is very cute.

Before falling pregnant, I used to just take her around in the Ergo or hipseat carrier. However, now that I can’t carry her anymore she has had to transition to stroller + walking (she has never liked walking much). It did take a while for her to accept that I couldn’t carry her as much anymore but she has been understanding that it’s because of the baby. We bought a new good stroller and she has really taken to it which has been great because as a baby, she never liked the pram! But now she actually sometimes gets upset to hear we’re going in the car instead of walking with the pram! So I’ve been keeping extremely fit running about with a toddler. I sometimes do think it’s a little more than I can handle but well, there’s not much of an option to rest when it’s your second. I know I’m not going to have much quality one-on-one time with her when baby comes so I’m determined to do as much with her now.

Miss A has also been so incredibly sweet to her sister. She is always talking to my bump, kissing it and insisting she will never fight or get upset with her sister. And I have a feeling it’s not just talk because she loves being around babies. She is so sweet and gentle with them and doesn’t even mind them pulling her hair. So I feel she will be a fabulous big sister. I have to say I do think having a little dog has been great training!

I’ve been trying to get a few things in order for the baby like digging out Miss A’s old baby clothes. Generally though there is really not much to do, especially since it’s our second girl and they are going to be born in the same season (hence can share the same clothes). I feel like time is going pretty fast. I can’t believe it’s November already!

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