Pregnancy Diary #2: 21 WEEKS- Go Team…Pink!

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E-20 week scan

Bub #2 at 20 week scan with unsuspecting chihuahua peacefully sleeping in background…for now

So we are expecting another little girl which we are thrilled to bits about. Miss A wanted a sister from the start so she was over the moon to hear the news. If we had to tell her it was a boy, I imagine it would’ve gone down like those viral videos of older siblings finding out the gender of their new sibling is not the same as them and crying their heads off. With a three year age gap, I feel it is just nice to have two girls. If this one were a boy I think they naturally wouldn’t be as close as they grew older.

Baby is looking healthy and well which is a relief. With V and I having a medical background, one of our biggest fears is raising a disabled child as we are well aware of how difficult it is- hats off to all the parents doing so. So with two healthy children, we are definitely happy to stop here. I don’t take for granted how miraculous conception and development in the womb is. There are so many things which need to go right at precise times in the womb and it is amazing that they do most of the time. Thankfully V says he not the kind of guy who feels he needs to have a son to feel complete!

The only thing is that my placenta is at a borderline low height at the moment so I will need another scan at 34 weeks ish to check that it has moved up. If it’s low they usually recommend a C-section. Because mine is borderline there is a high chance it will move up and everything will be okay though. Obviously I am hoping that will be the case as I do have a fear of everything involved with surgery. Even just the thought of getting an epidural during a normal labour freaks me out.

Surprisingly, V and I have agreed on a name for baby. It starts with an E so she will be Miss E on this blog. It is a name we first discovered a couple years ago and it’s the only name we have both said we liked, so I can’t imagine us coming up with anything new in the next 4 months! After all these years we haven’t managed to agree on a boy’s name…so just as well this one wasn’t a boy.

Having both kids born around the same time (and hence same season) is great as it means Miss E will be able to use all of Miss A’s baby clothes. So we actually don’t really need to buy anything new now! We’re not planning on getting a double pram (we rarely use the pram with Miss A) and for car seats, you can rent a car baby capsule from the council for the first 6 months…so honestly I can’t think of much we need. I am also planning on not even attempting to pump breastmilk or give the bottle so forget buying bottles and all. Miss A rejected the bottle at 6 weeks so I don’t think that’s worth it at all. I’ve now learned the whole “pump breastmilk and let someone else babysit” is more a fantasy than reality. In fact, at nearly 3 years old, Miss A STILL won’t let anyone babysit her! I honestly think she’s going to end up in the delivery room with us- I just can’t see her willingly staying back with my parents while V and I are in hospital.

I think at 21 weeks pregnant I am around the size I was at 28 weeks with Miss A…though I think I was just pretty small with Miss A as it was my first. Can’t imagine how big I’m going to be at the end of this!