Pregnancy Diary #2: 18 WEEKS- Settling into Pregnancy

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Okay, totally guilty of skipping a 17 weeks update. I have a feeling there will be more skipping to come (apologies in advance)! Here is the 18 weeks bump with the fur kid.18 weeks

In a loose shirt I can definitely still get away with not looking pregnant. Not that people will offer me a seat on public transport even if I was full term anyway! I took public transport until I well into my third trimester with my first (I don’t drive) and I have never ever been offered a seat. I think it’s because being Asian I look pretty young to most people and they kind of go “Is she? Isn’t she?” I’m also not into tight clothing even when not pregnant so I guess that makes it even less obvious. Most people here are pretty civil and as a mother with a child I have had many offers for seats and to help with the doors and pram etc so I know it’s me and not Melbourne! People just seem to glance at me and not notice the tummy.

It’s still early days but it feels like this one is a lot less active than Miss A which is a relief. If you have kids you would know that babies are born with their personalities – they are certainly not a “blank slate”. I feel like how active they are in the womb is indicative of how they will be when they are out. If you have a super active kicker, it is likely they will also be a totally wired baby. By 19 weeks, I could already monitor Miss A’s fetal movements and count that she was giving me at least 10 kicks/jabs in a 2 hour period. At 18 weeks now, I definitely get some movements every day but I don’t think I could count them yet. I feel like I’ve definitely done my time with the headstrong first kid so am hoping for a more zen baby this time!

For this delivery we will be at a bigger hospital which is close to where we now live. I did not expect too much from it as I know it’s a very busy hospital and I’ve heard quite a few negative birth stories from other people who have gone there. Having now had a midwife appointment with them and a feel for their system, I do think my preconceived notions were all confirmed. If it wasn’t my second child, I would definitely be feeling a bit loss about what is happening and who is looking after me. However, as it’s our second we are going there purely for location’s sake. It’s a good hospital but they just get too many patients.

The pregnancy nausea is gone but the metallic taste in my mouth remains and that can still make me feel a little sick. I hope it’s going to go soon but I have a feeling it’s not going anywhere. I’m generally already starting to feel crampy and if I walk too much too fast I get a sharp pain in my pubic symphysis (had the same problem around this time last pregnancy – it’s caused by the pregnancy hormones relaxing your ligaments). It already feels like there’s not much room in my tummy. I’m not sure how I accomodated a baby to full term the last time!

I don’t feel like I’m someone who gets cravings but I’m generally eating a lot more Malaysian food than I used to. For example, I’ve already had nasi lemak twice this pregnancy. Previously, I’ve probably only ever ordered it twice in Melbourne for the last 10 years I’ve been here. And I’ve also actually cooked Sarawak laksa for the husband and I. Before this I’ve only ever bothered to cook it when I have a large group of friends coming over and the last time was so many years ago. Sarawak laksa is truly the only food I miss from home and the authentic version is impossible to get in Melbourne (it’s always tainted with extra stuff no one ever puts in it back home). So if you want the real thing, you’ve gotta cook it! I’ve also actually cooked tomato sauce kuey tiaw which is another local favourite. I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy or that I just miss these foods more the older I get.

Our next ultrasound is in two weeks and that’s when we will find out the gender if baby is in a good position 🙂 Fingers crossed!

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