Toddler Activities – Fun with Dried Pasta

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The other week I gave Miss 2.5 a plate of some dried pasta (we had macaroni, shells and spaghetti in the house) and she played with it for days. Who knew dried pasta could provide so much fun?

Dried pasta funSome things we did with the pasta:

  • Threaded the macaroni through the spaghetti.
  • Made funny objects/animals by sticking the pasta into playdough.
  • Coloured the pasta with markers.
  • Made pictures on paper by arranging the pasta (couldn’t stick it down though as we didn’t have gloopy glue – glue stick didn’t work).
  • Played cooking with her toy saucepan/kettle/plates (so so messy – she loved transfering the pasta around and spilling it everywhere).
  • Put it in bottles to make music shakers.
  • We have an empty loo roll stuck on a drawer that she drops things through into a toy slide or a bottle. She would stuff as much pasta as she could fit into the front pocket of her dress then empty it down the loo roll – repeat x 100.
  • She also impressed me with her creativity and imaginative play by pretending the pasta was all kinds of objects e.g. the spaghetti sticks were fairy wands and medical equipment like syringes and otoscopes.

By the end of it all, my apartment was covered in broken pasta bits. Probably not an activity for the OCD! But if you don’t have a problem finding pasta bits here and there for days, it’s really easy entertainment for the kids.

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