Pregnancy Diary #2: 16 WEEKS- Kicks and Jabs

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I've been feeling very subtle fetal movements for a while but nothing distinct. Then last Sunday I was sitting down when I suddenly felt a very distinct PROD, PROD, PROD, PROD in my middle down low. It was such an alien feeling and in quite a heebie jeebie spot. I don't remember Miss A kicking me in my middle early on. Her first kicks were definitely on the side but it could also be because her placenta blocked the early gentle kicks as it was anterior (on the front wall of the uterus). The husband was also very lucky to be able to feel a kick from bub #2 on the same day. Since then, it's been hard capturing the right moment for him or Miss A to feel any kicks.

Besides that, my bump has been growing like crazy. I don't remember being this size until over 20 weeks with Miss so I am definitely feeling a bit fat at the moment.

We are also finally seeing a midwife from the hospital next week. We haven't even bothered to check out the hospital (we moved since having Miss A so are in a different hospital). It just doesn't seem like much of a priority this time though of course I should make sure we know where to go when the time comes!

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