Pregnancy Diary #2: 15 WEEKS- Seeing the light

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Yesterday was Father’s Day in Australia…It’s the last year with just one crazy kid running around.

Father's Day

Miss A’s gift for Daddy that she made at school

I am now 15 weeks pregnant with #2 and I think I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the nausea train. I still have a bit of a metallic taste in my mouth from the pregnancy hormones but the smell turn-offs are starting to fade and it’s now a little easier to cook and be around different kinds of food. Funnily, for the last few weeks, two usual loves – onions and milky drinks like Milo and bubble tea – have been a big no. I was also worried it would be difficult to stay away from coffee this pregnancy but with the nausea, I have not felt like it at all.

I’m just starting to venture out of the house again now. A few days ago I took Miss A to the park on my own for the first time since getting really sick. It was really nice being able to take her out again as she has been quite sad I haven’t been able to go out with her and Daddy for the last couple months.

At 15 weeks I am starting to show which is much earlier than I did with Miss A. With Miss A I hadn’t even gained any weight at this point because I was throwing up every day and could hardly eat anything. With this baby, I am still able to eat in general and have actually been eating quite a bit to keep the nausea under control as it’s when I have an empty stomach that it’s worse. So basically I think my tummy now is part food baby, part real baby, part weaker abdominal muscles.

I feel like this time around I’m hardly doing anything to prepare for the baby’s birth. Everything is kind of flying by quickly in a blur. The first time around, you read the books, go for the hospital tours, childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes etc. I think we went for hypnobirthing classes at 14/15 weeks when pregnant with Miss A. Obviously with baby #1 you also have to buy all the baby stuff and think about baby-proofing the house if it’s not already kid friendly. This time we have yet to do anything partly due to a lack of time and energy and probably partly due to complacency and assumption that you can just reuse everything from the first kid…and then we’ll probably have a big panic at the last minute. The only thing we’ve been doing is just keeping up with doctor’s appointments but even then we’ve had far less appointments this pregnancy.

I think I will probably only start kind of thinking about things I need to do and get after the 20 week scan when we find out the gender. Most of Miss A’s things are pink because they were mostly hand me downs so if it’s a boy, we have some shopping to do. Also, while we already had Miss A’s name ready to be announced to family and friends after her 20 week scan, I admit this time around we have no names prepared which is a little scary for me. Hmmm…maybe I should start on that one now.