Pregnancy Diary #2- There is another bun in the oven

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If you follow my blog, you may have noticed I have been neglecting it for a few weeks. Well, there is a good reason for this and that is that there is a bun in the oven…and it is definitely not the kind of bun that makes you hungry. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect. I was extremely sick with Miss A and an optimistic part of me was really hoping it would be different the second time around but it hasn’t really turned out that way. While I am definitely less sick this time, it feels just as bad when you have a restless toddler to look after and can’t get as much rest as you want.

12 week scan

But all nauseating feelings aside, I know we are so blessed to once again be able to conceive a little one quickly with no dramas. So far he/she is looking nice and healthy so I cannot complain. We planned a three year gap and it is pretty much exactly that. Their birthdays are going to be so close they will very likely be subjected to the “wonderful” Asian tradition of joint birthdays. Whatever gender it turns out to be, we will be happy and we are stopping at two. If there is a third announcement, well, you will know that wasn’t in the plan. But any kid who can succeed in evading the plan deserves to be born really.
Miss A is extremely ectastic to be a big sister. She was already asking if there was a baby inside my tummy before I was actually pregnant. I guess she is at the age where she is seeing all her friends become big brothers and sisters and she was wondering when it was going to be her turn. She has been extremely sweet towards the baby and loves patting and stroking my tummy. When I ask whether she wants to talk to the baby, she will put her mouth to my tummy and yell “Hellllllooooo…this is yourrrrr bigggg sisssstterrrr!!!” This baby might actually be terrified to come out.
She has also been quite understanding of me being sick and being unable to play with her as much at home or go out with her and Daddy. I guess that is the benefit of a slightly bigger age gap. I suppose we are compromising a bit on them being not as close than if they were just two years apart, but I know I definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle being pregnant and sick again if Miss A was a year younger.
I have just stepped into the second trimester so fingers crossed this nausea will let up soon. I really hope I can keep up with this pregnancy diary as much as I did with the first because obviously things are pretty different the second time around – you have so much less time and energy to do things! Well, I promise to try my best. Second child syndrome can’t begin already before he/she is even born!

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