Healthy Homemade Chicken Nuggets for Kids

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Chicken nuggets

These chicken nuggets are super quick to whip up and are a healthy alternative for fast food lovers. They can be served with homemade baked chips or other vegetables on the side. In the photo are takeaway chips from a fish and chip shop we had when out the next day – just to clarify I did not make such perfect looking chips! I just thought they would look great in a photo with the leftover nuggets we had…though clearly not the healthiest option as an everyday side.

To make these chicken nuggets I blitzed 4 skinless chicken thighs fillets along with a large zucchini in a food processor. It’s good to use chicken legs for nuggets as they’re tastier and fattier so the nuggets won’t be so dry. They also have more iron than breast, Personally I find store bought chicken mince has a funny flavour so I rather blend up my own chicken – it’s as easy as dumping it into a food processor/Thermomix. Besides zuchinni, apple or carrot also go well with chicken and add a nice sweetness.

After mincing, mix in 1 egg2 tablespoons of flour, a big handful of cheese and season as you wish with dried herbs or salt. Refrigerate the mixture for 30 minutes then use a teaspoon to scoop out balls, roll in breadcrumbs (I used store bought Panko as it guarantees crunch. For a healtheir alternative you can toast old wholegrain bread in the oven and blend that to make your own) and flatten to form nuggets. I got a whole baking tray of nuggets – probably enough for 4 adults! Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for roughly 15 minutes until brown. Serve with whatever sides you fancy. Ta da!

I admit Miss Fussy Pot only ate half a nugget the evening I made them and just stuck to the baked potato slices I made as a side. But the next day she ate a few nuggets for lunch which was a pleasant surprise. Anything more than two bites is a big WIN for Team Mummy!

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