Silicone Icy Pole Tubes: Make healthy frozen treats at home for the kids

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Whoever invented reusable silicone icy pole tubes is a genius. They are so easy to fill and clean, store flat in the freezer and are relatively mess-free for the bub to eat compared to popsicles made with the commonly-used plastic popsicle moulds.

silicone icy pole tube 1

You can blend fruits like berries, mango, banana etc with yoghurt and freeze that for a super healthy snack. If they’re not good with eating veggies you can also sneak in some spinach and explain the green by calling it “dinosaur icy poles”. For a little twist you can also blend in peanut/almond butter or use coconut milk instead of cows milk or yoghurt. Basically, just think about making a smoothie or a fresh juice and freezing that. You don’t need to overthink it really.

silicone icy pole tube 3

My toddlers loves plain watermelon icy poles. I just blitz up watermelon on its own – no water needed. She went through a phase when she was younger where she kept asking for ice cream every single day. I would always just offer her a watermelon icy pole as a compromise and thankfully she always happily accepted it.

For younger kids who aren’t good with getting the icy poles up the tubes as they eat it, you can do what I do and fold up the bottom and tie a rubberband around it. I love icy poles as opposed to popsicles because there are no drips and you don’t have to worry about the kids eating it really slow on a hot day.

silicone icy pole tube 4

I’ve found these tubes are also great for serving oral rehydration solutions in jelly form (if your kids aren’t good with drinking the liquid version). You can of course freeze them to make icy poles but I personally don’t think it tastes as good frozen. I think it’s Gastrolyte that sells it in jelly form but it comes in flimsy plastic pouches that toddlers can’t handle without getting it all over themselves.

silicone icy pole tube 5

The best thing about silicone icy pole tubes is that they store flat in the freezer. Just fill them up until about 1 cm from the top (not full because liquid expands when it freezes), pop the lid on and stick them in – they don’t leak even when laid flat, as long as they’re not too full or being squished of course. When I took the photo above I just so happened to have a lot of freezer space but that is usually not the case. Often I just stuff them wherever they will fit! To clean I just use detergent and a bottle brush.

A great product for the whole family…even if you don’t have any kids! You’re never too old for an icy pole. I love eating them myself.

You can get silicone icy pole tubes from good ‘ol eBay HERE.

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