Toddler Outings: Inflatable World, Oakleigh

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During weekends and school holidays, the Oakleigh Indoor Sports centre (4 Railway Road, Oakleigh VIC) turns into a crazy crazy place called Inflatable World. Inflatable castles, slides, gladiator rings, and all kinds of things to bounce, climb and jump off…It is absolute paradise for sugar-high kids. It also means the noise level is a 10/10 and the parent headache potential is 11/10. Because they are only open on school holidays and weekends, it also means the place is usually either filled with birthday party attendees or school holiday groups. In short, it is just always chaotic.

Inflatable World 1

Photo from Inflatable World’s Facebook page – minus the stampede of kids

Thankfully, they do have a very decent section designated for the under 5s. Entry is $7 for unders 5s and $14 for older kids.

Inflatable World

They have a cafe there where you can get coffee and what looks like the usual pies and chips fare. You can also bring your own food and snacks in which is great when you have little ones whom you don’t always want to feed junk food to.

If you have extroverted kids who love a good run about, it would make an absolutely brilliant outing for them. I can imagine absolutely loving the place as a school-going kid. However, if you have introverted kids it may be a different story. We met up with a couple of friends there whose toddlers loved the place but Miss A was more terrified than anything. The noise and the screaming and the crowd was just overwhelming for her. She insisted my husband follow her into all the castles and had some moments of enjoying it but overall it was definitely not the kind of place for her type of personality. When we got home we actually had to bring her to a nearby library to “debrief” and do some drawing in the peace and quiet for her to cheer up!

So all in all, tons of fun for the older kids and toddlers who don’t mind noise and crowds. Not so good for the quiet clingy ones!

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