Month: July 2015

Silicone Icy Pole Tubes: Make healthy frozen treats at home for the kids

Whoever invented reusable silicone icy pole tubes is a genius. They are so easy to fill and clean, store flat in the freezer and are relatively mess-free for the bub to eat compared to popsicles made with the commonly-used plastic popsicle moulds. You can blend fruits like berries, mango, banana etc with yoghurt and freeze that for a

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Toddler Outings: Inflatable World, Oakleigh

During weekends and school holidays, the Oakleigh Indoor Sports centre (4 Railway Road, Oakleigh VIC) turns into a crazy crazy place called Inflatable World. Inflatable castles, slides, gladiator rings, and all kinds of things to bounce, climb and jump off…It is absolute paradise for sugar-high kids. It also means the noise level is a 10/10 and the parent

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Have a toddler who does not like to walk or sit in the pram? Try a hip seat carrier!

My 2-year-old has never fancied the pram much. When she was smaller, I took her around everywhere in the Ergo carrier which is a soft structured carrier; however, as she’s grown older this has become a bit too restrictive. At this age she goes back and forth between being carried and running about so I needed

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