Toddler Activities: Play Beach

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Miss A loves the beach so a popular activity in our household is to create a fake beach in our living room. We use bedsheets and quilt covers to do this – a yellow one for the sand and a blue one for the water.

The beach

She has lots of shells that she has collected from previous trips to real beaches and we scatter them around her play beach. She will then get out her spade and scoop up the shells into her pink bucket. She also makes imaginary sandcastles and makes me bury her feet in the sand by wrapping the yellow sheet around them. Then when it’s time for the water, she will jump onto the blue sheet and flounder around. (If you’re up for it, you can flap the sheets to create “waves” they can jump in.) Miss A also enjoys getting out her toy food and having a picnic on the beach.

It is a really fun and simple activity and keeps them occupied for a while. Miss A asks for her “beach” nearly everyday. Give it a go if your little ones love sand and swimming and you’re stuck inside on a cold and/or rainy day.

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