No money to buy toys? All you need is cardboard!

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Toys aren’t cheap. So the hubby likes to make toys out of cardboard for our toddler. All you need is cardboard, a knife, sticky tape, a marker pen and some creativity. We both like the concept of “open-ended” toys, meaning it allows the child to be creative and use their own imagination. We always make them together and give Miss A creative input too. This is her cardboard city below. As you can see, she wanted steps going up one building and a slide down another – it can be whatever she wants it to be!

Cardboard city

We also like to cut out pictures of characters and stick them on cardboard so she can play with them (toddler-proof paper doll). She will also play with stickers like they are dolls. She is now 21 months and it’s amazing watching her role play and make up stories. I didn’t think she would start so young.

Cardboard stovetop

And this above here is her cardboard stove. We just stuck paper on top of a cardboard box and drew on the stove top. Then we cut out the side to be an oven door (it can actually open and close – we cut out a little rectangle hole in the door to act as a handle).

The possibilities of what you can make out of cardboard are truly endless (if you’re stuck, take inspiration from the children’s show Playschool – they are the gods of cardboard creation). The hubby even made a little toilet and sink for Miss A’s dolls all out of cardboard and sticky tape and that is one of her favourite toys. It’s a great toilet training tool as usually toddlers are more willing to use the toilet when you tell them their dolls need to go too!

So there you have it – fun on a budget. And the best thing about cardboard toys? When the kids are tired of them, you can just chuck them out.

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