4 Ways to Hide Spinach in Toddler Food

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Before having kids, I thought the concept of hiding veggies in their food was besides the point. I mean, how does that teach them to eat the real stuff? However, once having a little fussy eater of my own, I realised that getting kids to eat vegetables can indeed be a battle and hiding veggies does have its purpose. You don’t want to constantly be in their face trying to get them to eat vegetables as it just creates lots of negativity around mealtime and probably makes them hate it even more. It’s important to keep offering visible vegetables so they eventually get used to them, but I think knowing they are eating some hidden veggies just takes the stress off the parent and also allows the child to learn to like vegetables in their own time without fuss.

Here are my top 4 ways of hiding SPINACH.

1. Cheese sticks.

Spinach and cheese sticks

These make a quick and yummy breakfast. All it takes is 1 cup flour (preferably wholemeal), 1 cup fresh spinach (or about 1/2 cup defrosted if frozen), 1/2 cup grated cheese (tasty or mozarella works fine), and 2 tablespoon butter. Pulse all together in a food processor/Thermomix while slowly dribbling in just enough milk to combine it (which is really not much at all). Roll it out into sticks and bake at about 160-180 degrees for about 15 minutes or until slightly browned. Plenty for bubba and Mummy to enjoy.

2. Smoothies

You will be amazed how well spinach mixes into fruit smoothies. I promise you won’t even taste it. We usually use frozen berries, frozen mango, a big handful of spinach and milk. Ideally it’s good to use a non-animal milk like almond so that it doesn’t interfere with iron absorption. We often make our own almond milk but when we’re out and I’m lazy, we just use cow’s. If you don’t mind your smoothies without that creaminess, I suppose you don’t have to use milk at all.

3. Homemade pasta/noodles

Spinach noodles
To make veggie pasta, just combine veggie puree to flour 1:1. That’s all! No need for egg, oil etc. Mix by hand or machine, then use a pasta maker to roll and cut up. Put in boiling water for about 90 seconds to cook. Ta-da! It’s nice and easy to use spinach with this, but you can use pretty much any other vegetable too.
4. Pasta sauce

Just blend spinach into pasta sauce for a super sneaky and easy spinach meal. Best received in our house when served with dinosaur-shaped pasta.

So there you have it, 4 easy ways that we sneak spinach into our daily meals. If you have a slightly less fussy child, you could also add them into things like meatballs. I’m sure these methods work on adults too, by the way!

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