Healthy Banana and Oat Cookies

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These banana and oat cookies/fingers are a really simple and healthy breakfast or snack that I often whip up for my 14.5 month old. They are suitable for all ages, from infants to adults, as there are only 2 ingredients- banana(s) and oats! I usually press in raisins on top too as Miss A loves them.

Banana oat cookie

All you have to do is mash up a ripe banana with some raw quick oats, shape them into a round cookie or finger shape (whatever you please) on a baking sheet and stick them into the oven. It’s that easy. I usually bake them at about 170C for roughly 10 minutes (until a bit brown). They do have a soft, chewy texture. Sometimes if I want it firmer I leave it in the oven after turning off the heat to let it dry up more.

This morning I used 1 medium-sized banana with roughly 4-5 tablespoons of oats, which gave me 6 small fingers. Miss A ate 2 and picked at a 3rd, scattering it across the living room. This is more than she usually eats. Normally she will just pick all the raisins off the cookies and maybe actually eat half a cookie, but she has definitely been eating a lot more than usual over the last couple of days. Hopefully it’s not just a phase as it’s nice seeing her happily eat the things I make (instead of just smooshing it into the carpet…nothing like some smooshing to say “thanks, Mum!”).

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