Why I Like Using Cloth Nappies

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Before Miss A was born, we bought cloth nappies to use to save costs as well as the environment. However, we didn’t end up using them immediately as we were gifted with a lot of disposable nappies that were too good not to use (sorry, environment). Some 5 months later though, the disposables were finally starting to run out and we decided it was time to make the switch.

I did buy a lot of cloth nappies as I thought I’d be using them on her as a newborn- and newborns poop around the clock. So now that she doesn’t need as many nappy changes in a day, I decided to keep away half away for our future second child. So we have about 15 out to use, and I usually wash them every 2 days. Sometimes 3 if we’re out a lot as we use disposables when we’re out.

cloth nappies

What I like about cloth nappies is that they’re very kind on baby’s bottom, you significantly reduce your trash runs from not using disposables (or less), and they seem to be better at containing poo explosions (they are nicely elasticated on the back as well as the legs). I find these modern cloth nappies are also as absorbent as disposables. I keep the dirty ones aside in a dry bin (no soaking, rinsing whatever), then when it comes time to wash, I just chuck it all into the washing machine, run a rinse cycle, then run a normal cycle with half a cap of detergent, and then just hang to dry. It’s that easy and they dry very fast too. Breastmilk poop is water soluble and washes out quite magically- even when it’s been a couple days. Haven’t crossed the bridge of in-between-breastmilk-and-solids poop yet but I’ve heard people that when that time comes, people either use nappy liners or spray/scrape the solid bits off. Miss A now does pretty much all of her poops in a potty, so I don’t think I will be worrying too much about that anyway.

We got our cloth nappies from hippybottomus.com.au. They were the cheapest I could find online at $12.95 a nappy. Most other stores sold theirs for $20-30 a nappy. So far they have been great. I pre-washed them 5-6 times (as you do with cloth nappies to make them more absorbent) before letting Miss A wear it and they didn’t leak. The only thing I have to say about cloth nappies is that they are bulkier than disposables. And if you have to button them all up to make them the smallest size for newborns, they are even bulkier. I tried them on Miss A when she was a newborn and it looked so big and didn’t seem comfortable for her as she was all nappy! Now at 5-6 months though, they fit well.

Denim print cloth nappy

I do recommend cloth if you fancy being green or have a baby prone to nappy rash. The washing isn’t as hard as you think it’ll be and it will motivate you to potty train early which is a fantastic thing (from what I can see, potty training seems to be harder the older they get). They also come in super cute patterns…great for running around in in summer…or if you have a very warm apartment that retains heat like I do!


    1. They are definitely fantastic…until the kids reach an age where they are running around and refusing to lie down and be changed!


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