Pregnancy Diary #1- 39 WEEKS 5 DAYS: Miss A’s Arrival

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My instinct that she would be on time was right. On 11 Feb 2013, I went into labour and on 12 Feb 2013 at 6.28pm, two days shy of her due date, a little princess was born…


I guess I’ll blog about the birth etc when life becomes a bit more normal again. I can barely type this now- my eyes are struggling to focus due to major sleep deprivation. It’s been amazing welcoming Miss A into the world but it’s oh so incredibly incredibly difficult- nothing can prepare you for labour and delivery and the days/weeks to follow.  I would literally die if not for V and my parents. The public health system here is also wonderful and have been so supportive. I’m really just trying to ride out one day at a time now. Until I start feeling human again…thanks so much for following my pregnancy journey. I look forward to introducing Miss A to you later on.

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