Pregnancy Diary #1- 37 WEEKS 3 DAYS: Fully Baked!

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They say it makes you feel better to count down to 37 weeks instead of 40 (because you really do go a bit nuts waiting in the end), and it’s true…and here I am! 37 weeks! Miss A is officially full term! Of course, there was never a reason for me to doubt I’d get to this stage, but it’s still a good feeling to finally get here. 

Taz and Ava

The good news about getting to 37 weeks is finding my SECOND WIND. Suddenly, I can see the finishing line! The light at the end of the tunnel! I’m definitely not feeling any better physically, but my mental strength and motivation has gone up a few notches knowing it’s possible to go into labour at any time now (and that doctors won’t stop it because she’s past 37 weeks gestation now). Before this week, I was feeling very beached because I was getting pelvic pain (things starting to loosen in preparation for birth), sore feet, difficulty sleeping (one side of my body now tends to go numb when I lie down for more than 2 hours at a time), and discomfort from Miss A’s squirming and my practice contractions. And now, nothing has changed, but suddenly the pain just isn’t registering in my head anymore! I’m excited that labour could be near! I’m excited to be having the twinges and twangs because it feels like something is happening! I’m back on my feet hoping that keeping active will keep things moving along! Less than 3 weeks to go until I could be holding Miss A in my arms!

Another piece of good news is that Miss A’s growth seems to have petered out a bit to become perfectly AVERAGE. I’ve never been happier to hear that my baby is average. She is heading towards a very normal birth weight and more importantly, has a very normal-sized head. When I read the ultrasound report, my confidence in the birth went up about threefold. I’m now pretty sure I can get her out quickly and easily. Whoo!

My latest blood test report also came back extremely positive. Everything is still normal and in fact, my hemoglobin (previously low-normal), iron and B12 levels have actually gone up. My doctor was very surprised. She said, “You’re even healthier now than you were before!” I owe that result to learning that calcium and iron compete for the same uptake- I didn’t know that previously. So now I don’t take any calcium-rich food or supplements within 2 hours of my prenatal vitamins or a meat meal. Besides that, I try to make sure I eat red meat at least every other day…and I take my Milo with hot water and just a little bit of milk now (Milo is fortified with a surprising load of iron).

I’ve been keeping entertained watching the Australian Open on TV this week. Next week is V’s last week of work and also our final week in the city. My Mum is coming down at the end of the week and we’ll be heading down to our family home in the suburbs to await Miss A’s arrival. We’re at the pointy end of things now!

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