Pregnancy Diary #1- 36 WEEKS: Push Present

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Last week at 36 weeks, V took me out to dinner and surprised me with a “push present”. Swarovski earrings! Push presents are apparently what guys are meant to give to their partners as a thanks for giving birth. I’d never heard of it before but he’d been told about it by a friend.

Push present

It was so unexpected because V and I have long had an unspoken agreement not to give each other presents due to our financial situation. I don’t even expect a birthday or Christmas present, let alone one for an occasion I didn’t know people gave presents for. (Honestly I thought the baby was a gift enough…that and a $10 box of salmon sashimi from Sushi Sushi thank you very much.) It sounds like we’re so unromantic but really, it’s not the case at all. He still writes me very sweet cards and surprises me with the occasional rose and that has and always will be more than enough for me. I love that he thinks to buy me a muffin for breakfast or cleans the house so I don’t have to- those are the little things that matter the most 🙂

So you can imagine I was extremely touched by the value of the gift as well as the reason for it- for carrying Miss A and for giving birth to her (well, soon…). I feel very blessed that he’s been so appreciative of how hard pregnancy is. He’s done a great job at making me feel valued and beautiful all throughout this pregnancy. I would be a mess if I didn’t have such a supportive husband!

Babies put on most of their body weight in the last 10 weeks of gestation and boy, am I feeling it! Feel like I’ve gone from nothing to HUGE all of a sudden! I’m getting bigger by the day!

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