Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 36: Beached

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36 Weeks

Officially 4 weeks to go now. That’s 28 days! I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ticking off the days now because it’s starting to hurt. You can’t get me to move more than I need to now. The one thing that makes me feel a wee bit better is thinking of poor elephant mothers who have to be pregnant for 22 MONTHS! Ouch! Came to mind because there was news today that an elephant calf has been born in Melbourne Zoo. 

Miss A is now just 1 week away from being “fully baked”. I’m pretty sure if she were to be born now, she’d be fine though…she’s always been ahead of the graph! But obviously I’m trying to hang in there mentally and not wish it upon her or myself though…I’d like her to stay put until she’s well done! Not TOO done though…39-40 weeks will be fine. I really hope and pray that there won’t be a “41 weeks” update on this blog!

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