Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 35: 8 MONTHS!

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Finally into my final month of pregnancy! My uterus has been revving up its practice contractions and it’s not been pleasant. Some days like yesterday it can go on for hours (although I know it’s not real contractions because there’s no pattern to it)- it feels like sharp radiating pain around the height of my belly button. Everytime I get up from my sleep (which is every 2 hours or so), my uterus also cramps up in a way similar to period cramps and I have to breathe slowly and rub my tummy in an effort to get it to relax before I can get back to sleep. Getting to be a bit of an effort! 

Sometimes I do fear that Miss A will come earlier rather than later because it seems like my uterus is so active. I’ve been trying to cut down my movements as much as possible because I don’t want her coming before she’s ready! Had my final antenatal blood test today which I’m very happy about for two reasons- no more arm-poking, and no more having to catch public transport on my own while pregnant (it’s the last thing I have to do on my own on a weekday!). 


35 Weeks 3 Days

I’ve been pretty confident that Miss A has been head-down for the last few weeks because I’ve been feeling her hiccups down low. So imagine my surprise when at my last doctor’s appointment, my doctor palpated my stomach and said she thought the baby might be breech. Her uncertainty meant we had to go for an ultrasound to confirm Miss A’s position. Luckily V and I didn’t mind paying for an ultrasound…because all that $150 did was confirm what I could’ve already told you on my own- she is indeed well and truly head-down.

I think my doctor was having an off-day as she had just come back from a few weeks holiday- she’s usually pretty accurate! But the reason why I didn’t mind going for an ultrasound is because my last one was so long ago in Week 19…so it was good to confirm with one that everything (growth etc) was normal- and it was. Miss A is looking very very squished in there now though. So squished that the sonographer was like, “why did your doctor think the baby was breech?” I think it just looked so obvious that she’s been in that position for a while!

I couldn’t see the ultrasound screen because this place didn’t have a double one, but V did and he said I didn’t miss much- she’s so big and developed now that even he couldn’t even make out what was what on the screen. She’s just one big squishy baby! People keep thinking she might be a small baby judging by my size, but she’s NOT! I just look small ’cause I haven’t gained much weight…plus I’d like to think I have good ab muscles keeping her in place…haha! I think I might have a tight uterus too- doctor seems to think the height of my uterus is a week behind what it should be…all while Miss A is growing ahead of average! That equates to one squished baby. Although, as my hypnosis tapes tell me every night in my sleep, I believe “My baby is the perfect size for my body!” (say what you want- I absolutely love hypnosis…it’s nothing more than positive affirmations!)


Today is a good day for another reason- the Australian Open has begun! I love watching tennis (from the armchair, not the arena)! It’ll definitely make the next two weeks of pregnancy seem a lot easier… 

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