Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 34: All Ready For Baby!

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I had a panic moment over the weekend realising I was approaching 35 weeks and we still weren’t ready for Miss A’s arrival. I thought, “What if she were to be born now and is lucky enough to only need to spend a couple days in hospital?” So as soon as my parents left to head back to Malaysia, V and I hit the shops and bought everything we needed in one go!

Miss A’s bassinette!

I definitely am sleeping a lot better now that I know we’re ready for her! The only thing still on its way is the pram. The store had a 4-week wait on the one we wanted but we still went for it as we figured it wasn’t urgent. Even if she comes early, we’re not going to be going anywhere in the first couple of weeks! And anyway, if we need to, we have a good baby sling to put her in. The last couple of things to do is wash stuff like mattress sheets and baby clothes, and pack my “go bag” which will consist of all the things we need to take to the hospital.

Each week is definitely getting harder in terms of physical comfort. My main problem really is her squirming- it’s something I didn’t expect as no one warned me about it…my Mum doesn’t even remember my brother or I moving at all when she was pregnant with us! You hear all about the swollen feet, heartburn, cramps, and all that kind of thing from everyone…but no one says, “this baby is going to move so much it feels like it’s twisting up your insides!” I really hope it’s normal and that she’s not particularly active!

So in a nutshell, I’m getting closer and closer to being a beached whale. Last week I found it so difficult walking Taz that I told V I really don’t think I can do it anymore! Miss A gets agitated and moves even more when I exert myself. So my poor sacrificial husband has to now get up early to walk Taz before work. He is stopping work in 3 weeks though to await Miss A’s arrival…I’m really looking forward to having him home all day to look after me! 🙂

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