Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 33: It’s 2013!

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This pregnancy week we celebrated V’s last birthday without baby…and also ushered in Miss A’s year! 2013! Happy New Year! I love January because it’s the glorious month of Australian TENNIS!

V with the doggies

Not much has changed on the pregnancy front. They say fetal movement slows towards the end with the lack of space but I haven’t found it to be the case at all. Still getting poked and jabbed hard. Seems like Miss A is awake more than she sleeps now…or maybe she’s also squirming in her sleep! My tummy also now pulses with her hiccups- I can actually capture it on video! She hiccups at least 2-3 times a day.

My belly button still hasn’t popped and I think it won’t at all. Doesn’t seem like it’s the right shape to do so. I know someone women feel disappointed when their belly button doesn’t pop, but I’m more than fine because I don’t actually like the belly-button-through-the-shirt look. I was actually dreading the possibility it might happen so I’m happy it doesn’t look like it’ll come to be!

Looking forward to meeting my gorgeous daughter next month! Planning to get all my shopping done in the next two weeks! I don’t really have a choice with that anymore :P. Have to be ready *just in case* she comes early!

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