Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 32: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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So we just celebrated our last Christmas before baby arrives. My parents are down and we’ve been having lots of family gatherings. I’ve been eating so much over the last few days! 

32 Weeks 5 Days on Christmas Day!

People keep asking me if I have any cravings and my answer is always the same: N-O. I’m hungrier in general but I haven’t had cravings in years! My theory is that people crave food due to the following reasons: (1) emotional reasons, (2) deficiencies in vitamins/minerals, and (3) deprivation (dieting etc). Taking care of my health (emotional and physical) and eating everything in moderation (never depriving but never bingeing either) has really banished cravings for me. Also, I don’t take low-fat dairy products. A little bit of saturated fat keeps me feeling full far longer. It makes sense to me to just eat a little full-fat dairy and be satisfied than have low-fat then end up eating a bigger portion or some other food ’cause I’m still hungry or unsatisfied. Everything in moderation! Have a bowl of real ice cream and enjoy it- don’t attack the entire low-fat tub! It’s not better for you if you eat more of it!

So 2013 is round the corner and my third trimester is ticking down. I think I’ve been pretty fortunate this trimester. No swelling, no water retention, no back pain, no heartburn or indigestion etc. The size of my tummy and Miss A’s hard squirming is starting to physically get in the way of my daily activities but I’m glad I’m still moving…just slower of course.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas surrounded by loved ones…and have a wonderful time ushering in the new year in a few days time 🙂 Goodbye 2012!

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