Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 30: Movements and Cramps

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Miss A has been moving like crazy in the last week. Her movements are very different now though- instead of the odd deft jab here and there, I can literally feel her sticking an arm (or foot?) out and pressing hard against me. I can also feel her whole body squirming. It’s quite alien-like! I’ve been trying to feel her with my hands and interact with her to try to guess what part of her body I’m feeling. I can pick out where her limbs are judging by her  punches and kicks and I can also feel her back…but I can’t tell a head from a bum yet…they both feel round and hard!

I’m still carrying Taz at this stage! Not sure if there will come a point where I won’t be able to…

For a few days last week, I felt like something about her position had changed though. Suddenly I could feel her in my ribs, with all her hard jabs in my right. When we visited our doctor, she confirmed that Miss A had turned breech and was facing my right. So the discomfort in my ribs was from her head! It’s not a big deal what position she’s in at this stage as there’s still time (and space) to move, but obviously I would like her to hang out vertex more often because it’s far more comfortable. I can’t believe her little hands can be so strong though- I was feeling these high jabs and I assumed they were her legs but they were actually her arms!

So I’ve been trying to relax and sit in comfortable positions that will encourage her to turn back head-down. I think it’s worked because now I feel some low left jabs (which I haven’t felt all week) and the discomfort in my ribs have disappeared. I hope she’ll be a good girl and stay that way!

30 weeks at R’s birthday party- colour block theme! I’m not wearing clashing colours intentionally okay!

I had my first ever leg cramp over the weekend! Apparently very common in pregnancy. Believe it or not, I’ve never experienced a cramp before even though I used to run and dance! Obviously used to get soreness…but not the kind of cramps where suddenly your muscle seizes up and you’re screaming in pain. I was definitely screaming when this one hit my right calf in the middle of the night! Apparently what you’re meant to do is stretch the muscle immediately despite the pain- V was trying to flex my foot back but I was screaming too much! I only let him do it a few seconds later when he reassured me it was the right thing to do and some of the pain had subsided…and then I regretted it the next morning when my leg was so sore I could barely walk. V says if you stretch it in the moment (as impossible as it feels to do so), it will hurt a lot less later. Whoops…So after this cramp and the restless leg syndrome the week before, I’ve decided I will be good and start taking calcium and magnesium supplements! Hopefully it will prevent any muscle-related problems for the rest of my pregnancy!

I’ve also started taking raspberry leaf tea which is apparently meant to help “tone the uterus” and help with labour (some women also claim it helps the baby arrive on time). You can also take it in supplement form but I have no problems with tea. It tastes very mild…a bit like chrysanthemum tea. Starting out with a cup a day and will build up as I go along. Hopefully with this and a lot of praying and meditation, Miss A will arrive right on her due date! I really hope she does because my Dad arrives the day before and then can only stay a week…so there’s no better time than Valentine’s!