Pregnancy Diary #1- 30 WEEKS: 3/4 there!

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Miss A is three quarters baked today! She now has a 95% chance of survival if born! You know, celebrating all these milestones I now understand why Chinese people add a year to their baby’s ages when they’re born. It’s a bit funny to count upwards to 40 weeks during pregnancy…then go back to zero when they’re out when it’s really been a seamless transition of existence and growth.

Taz sitting on  Miss A- when he gets excited to get out of the car, he backs up onto my tummy!

Only 10 weeks to go till her due date…and 7 till she can be born without any problems. She’s pretty much fully developed now- her organs just need to mature a little more and she needs to put on lots of baby fat! The countdown begins!

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