Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 28: Hospital childbirth classes and glucose tolerance blood test

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29 weeks today recapping Week 28. It’s my last week in the 20s! Can’t walk as much as I used to now (getting lots of ligament pain that sometimes feel like a really terrible stitch), but surprisingly- my sleep has gone back to being pretty wonderful with a normal amount of pillows. I don’t even need my Belly Bean anymore (although it will come in handy as a breastfeeding pillow for after).

28 Weeks 2 Days: Forgot to take a full body shot. I did try to squeeze into a different empire-waist dress first before this dinner- it didn’t fit 😦

We’ve been attending childbirth education classes at our hospital. $50 for a 5 week course- 2 hours every Wednesday night. Worth every cent. I find it very handy since you’re not only learning everything you need to do about childbirth, you’re also learning how YOUR hospital works. You find out what their practices are, what the birthing suites and postnatal wards are like, when you should panic and when you shouldn’t, exactly when to come into hospital, what tests or examinations they do…even what instruments they use (if needed). I think just knowing even the tiny little things makes you relax more about the birth. Like when they explain it’s standard practice just to bring an incubator into the birthing suite when you’re giving birth- it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your baby, it just means that if they need it, it will already be there all ready to go! Would only recommend attending a hospital course after hypnobirthing though so you know what to tune out (like when they say the average labour time is 12-14 hours- you know you can do it shorter!).

A new piece of information that I learned from the course is that it’s standard practice to induce the placenta after birth. I had no idea and it made me a bit iffy since I’m not a fan of taking drugs if I don’t have to. Normally your body will expel the placenta on its own within an hour after birth, but the hospital prefers to get it out ASAP because apparently studies have shown that they longer it stays in, the higher the risk of it getting septic or the more you could bleed after it comes out. They induce it by giving you a shot of Syntocinon (same drug used to induce labour) in the thigh and then applying a bit of traction on the cord to get it all out. Oh well…at least the baby will be out so it won’t affect her…I guess that’s my biggest concern during the birthing process! I want this birth to be as calm, natural, and peaceful as possible for her.

I had my Week 28 blood tests last Friday. This included a glucose tolerance test. It was pretty nasty. I had to fast overnight as they needed a fasting blood glucose level first up. So first they took one vial of blood. Then they gave me a 300ml bottle containing a whopping 75g of glucose. It actually didn’t taste that bad- like flat lemonade (and they give you the option of having a refrigerated bottle or room temperature one)! After about 15 minutes though, I started to feel quite nauseous! Had to drink heaps of water to try to shake it.

After drinking the glucose, they took two more vials of blood to see how my body responded to the sugar rush- one an hour later, and then another after another hour. So basically I had to sit at the doctor’s for more than two hours and get poked a total of three times in both arms. Not nice. I thought I’d be starving afterwards but I actually felt quite sick from the glucose! Anyway, I will find out the results tomorrow! I know I’m at least deficient in something (guessing iron or B12?) because my doctor mentioned needing to write me a script when she called to ask me to come up…but hoping I don’t have diabetes or anything! Fingers crossed.

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