Making Baby WEEK 27: Glycosuria + Braxton-Hicks

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This week has been an interesting one. Firstly, a routine urine test at my doctor’s revealed I have a substantial amount of sugar in my pee (glycosuria). This is not normal, of course. It’s something which has been suspicious in the past, even before I fell pregnant. My previous doctor told me my kidneys probably have a low threshold for glucose reabsorption compared to others. Pregnancy can make that threshold drop even lower though…and that seems to have happened to me. It doesn’t automatically mean I have gestational diabetes, but it can be a sign of it.

27 Weeks 2 Days…starting to look round all over!

My current doctor seems as blasé about it as my previous doctor. She says it’s common with my background (since Asians tend to eat a lot of carbs) and she can tell I’m pretty healthy (which I AM!!) so she’s not that concerned. In any case, I’ll be going for a glucose tolerance blood test this Friday…so we’ll see how my blood glucose levels are and whether I’m at risk for gestational diabetes. If I am, I’d be quite irked because I do make an effort to eat well. I mean, I don’t snack. There are no chocolates, chips, or cookies in my house. I eat my wholegrains, my fruits, and veggies! In fact, I can’t eat a meal without vegetables. So many Asian dishes just come as carbs+meat…and I don’t eat them (unless there is no other choice)! And I also get in a good amount of exercise each day! I’m a good girl! Oh well, we’ll see how the test on Friday goes…

Secondly, I think I’m starting to experience warm-up labour, otherwise known as Braxton-Hicks contractions. It’s something which is very normal and can happen in the third trimester. I was at home yesterday when suddenly my tummy got really tight! Some people may perceive it as pain but I just went into my “zen mode” and thought of it as tightening or pressure. Practiced my labour breathing and tried to walk around a bit. It lasted about 15 minutes. I surprised myself with how calm and nonchalant I was! All that hypnosis practice really works!

There are 12 weeks to go now and things are getting a wee bit stressful. I’m studying at the moment and trying to finish as much of my course as possible before the baby comes. V is also going back to Uni next year which makes our financial situation very tricky. At this stage, I have no idea how we’ll keep our heads above water…but we’re just going to have to try our best to make something work…and put all our trust in God. Whatever it is, Miss A will be well-loved and cared for…but I think Mummy and Daddy are just going to be uber sleep-deprived!

I’m an egg!

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