Pregnancy Diary #1- 26 WEEKS 6 DAYS: 6 MONTHS!!

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Today is the 14th of November which means I am 26 weeks and 6 days…and 6 months pregnant! Pregnancy is 40 weeks which roughly makes 9 months but it’s obviously hard to divide it exactly because 1 month has more than 4 weeks. So to make things less complicated, I just count off the 14th of each month since Miss A is due on the 14th of February. That means I have 3 months left!! Some say the third trimester begins at Week 27, others say Week 28…I’m going with Week 27 since it’s now that I have 3 months left.

Doesn’t feel that long ago that I was just trying to get through the first trimester…and now I’m on the edge of my third and last! In just 10 weeks time, Miss A will be fully baked (babies are no longer considered premature at 37 weeks…although obviously the closer they get to 40, the bigger and stronger they will be)! I know time is only going to fly from now.

The second trimester has been pretty good to me although it did take a few weeks initially for morning sickness to completely fade along with that funny taste in my mouth. My skin has also been fabulous, although I’m not sure if that’s from pregnancy or some new products I’m using. In any case, it’s ALL good. It has been a slight struggle adapting to my growing body though. Even though I’ve wanted to be pregnant for so long and love Miss A so much that she’s here, it’s still been irrationally unnerving watching my tummy balloon up day after day. But V never fails to tell me everyday that it’s natural and beautiful which helps so much. He’s been such a great pillar of support. I don’t know what I’d do if my husband was one of those guys who gets turned off by their wives’ pregnant bodies! I can’t imagine how crushing it is for those women who have to go through that…especially when their husbands cheat on them while they’re pregnant! So horrible!

So I guess what I can look forward to in the third trimester is just getting bigger, getting slower, getting my organs all pushed up, and getting kung-fu kicked in the ribs by a baby who is growing stronger with each passing day. Miss A is already getting pretty strong. In the beginning, people who were feeling my tummy had trouble distinguishing her kicks from my pulse (which is bizarrely strong in my tummy from all the pulsing blood!). I used to have to confirm when she kicked so they knew for sure it was her. However, now I’m finding that I don’t have to say a thing! They always go, “I felt that!” before I can open my mouth to say she kicked. She’s gone back to being head-down most of the time now, with her feet hovering around my belly button. I’m glad she likes being head-down because if she were the other way around, the kicks would be low down and I obviously wouldn’t be letting people feel her kick! I’m pretty sure she’s punching now too because sometimes I feel these flutters all over the place at the same time- she would have to be doing some pretty impressive somersaults for that just to be kicks.

I’m definitely already starting to feel my organs moving north, although I have yet to get any heartburn. But I do have to be careful not to eat too much now otherwise I will feel pretty uncomfortable afterwards! My belly button has also yet to pop, but I have developed a linea nigra which is a dark line that runs down the middle of my tummy. It’s caused by the extra pigmentation produced in pregnancy…apparently it should fade after the baby is born. I hope it does! But I guess it’s much better than having blotchy pigmentation spots across my face or body which some women get! And my skin on my tummy is looking pretty good with no stretch marks…I shall count my blessings!

Onto the third trimester! 🙂

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