Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 24: Turning 24 weeks, hayfever, and maternity jeans

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Turning 24 weeks last Thursday was a milestone moment. Babies born under 24 weeks who don’t survive aren’t given a birth or death certificate whereas those born past 24 weeks are. This means that Miss A is now legally a person!

It may be interesting to note that 24 weeks is also the legal limit for abortion in Victoria. I never gave that much thought before falling pregnant, but now it’s a bit hard to comprehend knowing how alive Miss A is in my womb at 24 weeks. She is already conscious of her environment- kicking, turning, and responding to my voice and movement. If she were born now, it’d also be possible for her to survive with intensive medical care. It’s a bit mind boggling thinking of the healthy babies who are intentionally aborted this late in pregnancy (without a medical reason) when somewhere in another hospital, babies of the same gestational age who have been born prematurely are desperately trying to be saved. Doesn’t quite make sense, does it? I guess that’s why some believe that with all the improvements in medicine, the legal limit should really be lowered. Can’t say I wouldn’t agree!

An unexpected challenge that pregnancy has presented this year is…HAYFEVER! I’m putting it down to pregnancy as it does a couple of things to you: It (1) lowers your immune system so that your body doesn’t reject the baby as a foreign body, and (2) the hormones that cause your uterine lining to plump up can also cause the mucuous membranes in your nose to do the same- making it more irritable. 

Initially I really wanted to stay medication-free throughout this pregnancy but the sneezing and the watery eyes got so bad that I just couldn’t function during the day…so I gave in. I’m taking Polaramine which is apparently the safest anti-histamine to take during pregnancy. It’s also a drowsy one (non-drowsy ones aren’t safe) but luckily drowsy meds have no effect on me as I need it most during the day. Hayfever is so nasty. People wake up to a sunny spring day and go, “Such a nice day to be out!” and I’m thinking “Oh no time to stay indoors!”

Last weekend, I got my first two maternity clothing items- maternity jeans! I’ve always worn loose tops and dresses even before falling pregnant so I haven’t yet needed to buy anything in that department yet, but pants have been a problem. I’ve pretty much been living in my black leggings over the last couple of months and finally got sick of them. Got two pairs of maternity jeans on sale from the clearance Pumpkin Patch store. They are stretchy with tummy bands- really comfortable! They should make regular jeans like this. They are so easy to pull on and off without having to do up any buttons (although one of them does have a fake button). And the band means you never have to worry about your pants riding down!

Taken at 25 Weeks

People keep asking me if I’ve bought baby stuff yet. I haven’t because I don’t want things just lying around collecting dust. I will start when my Mum is here in December…which is only a month and a week away! Time is passing fast now. My third trimester is now only two weeks away! As excited as I am to meet Miss A, it’s a bit scary thinking that I only have three months and two weeks left of good uninterrupted sleep!

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