Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 23: Belly shots

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Nearly 24 weeks pregnant now and am feeling gravity more and more with each passing day. Obviously nowhere near being a beached whale yet, but I’d say I’m starting to feel like a mini whale drifting towards shallow waters. 

Some photos from earlier in Week 23:

23 weeks 1 day

23 weeks 2 days- at Jel and Rani’s hens/bucks combination dinner in Sorrento

This dress is very camouflaging in photos- my tummy was more obvious in person because the top of the dress cinches in under the bust. During dinner, the waitress joked that she shouldn’t keep refilling my water glass because she was “probably making me run to the toilet every 5 minutes”, adding that she “remembers what it’s like”. It’s the first time a total stranger has made a comment on me being pregnant- and it felt nice! I’m more used to people going “Huh? You’re pregnant?” I guess it’s still a bit doubtful when I wear tops that are loose all over.


Also attended my first yoga class on Sunday at Jel’s hens getaway and while I felt fine then, I’m SO feeling the effects of all those downward dogs now! Oh my aching muscles. Good to know I can still touch my toes though…but only after a good warm-up!

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