Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 21: Recuperating + Moving

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Week 21 was spent recovering from a mild but very persistent cold, and moving into our city apartment. I’m all recovered from my cold now, but it did take a long time to shake it off! Hoping Miss A wasn’t affected by it at all…although judging by her movements, I think she’s more than fine.

The exciting thing about now going into Week 22 is that she now actually has a chance of survival in the outside world if she were to be born now (up to 10% in Week 22)…not that there is any risk in our case…but it’s still comforting to know anyway. I’ve been looking up pictures of 21-22 weeks premature babies to see what she looks like now in my womb! At this stage, they pretty much look like a little person already…just small and super skinny because they haven’t put on fat yet.

It’s been great moving back into the city. I had to wait in the empty apartment last Wednesday for Ikea to deliver our furniture and Jojo and Ai-Leen heard about it and popped by with sushi and bubble tea! Thanks, guys! So cool that friends can just “pop by” again!

On Thursday, Junni came over to help assemble our sofa and bed. V needed an extra pair of hands since I can’t do any heavy lifting. 

Talking about lifting, it turns out that you can pay Ikea $40 flat rate (on top of the delivery fee) to collect all your boxes from their warehouse! Saves so much time and stress as some of those boxes can be really really awkward and heavy! I think it was so worth it. All you need to do is print out a list of the stuff you want and hand it to them and pay for it. You don’t have to touch a thing. And since our building has lifts, Ikea could deliver our stuff straight into our apartment (they’ll only deliver to ground floor if you have stairs). We’ve had to lug things up stairs before in the past- it’s a nightmare. Things felt so easy this time around. Well, part of the reason why we chose this apartment was because of the lifts! Imagine me trying to get out of a lift-less apartment on my own with the baby in a pram and Taz (who can’t go down un-carpeted stairs on his own due to lack of traction)…not possible!

Our bed took ages to put together because there was a section where you had to drill in your own holes! Oh Ikea…why do you do this to us?? I think figuring out how to put in a few holes with minimal tools took Junni and V more time than putting together the entire sofa.

On Saturday, Joon came over to help with the dining table and desk. Assembling this corner desk was like building a Rubik’s Cube or something. Not labour intensive…but required A LOT of brain power to put together correctly.

Chilling under the leaf at night! Everyone should have a leaf. V and I have been eyeing it in Ikea’s children’s section for years…before V finally decided he wanted it. “For the baby?” I asked. “No, for us!” he replied.

Thanks Junni and Joon for the furniture help! And Kel for joining us in…erh…warming our apartment…hehe…

We’re pretty much all set up now. All we have left is to move in our personal things (clothes etc) and to buy baby stuff! 🙂

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