Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 20: Halfway there!

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I have now crossed the halfway mark in my pregnancy! Feels very triumphant! How did we get from peeing on sticks hoping and praying every month…to here? I feel so so blessed. All the waiting has been so worth it because it made us appreciate the miracle more.

Miss A has grown so much in last couple of weeks…I’m now obviously pregnant to the outside world (although in a loose top some polite people might still hesitate to ask). It’s slightly scary to see my belly button get shallower as the weeks go by. I think it’ll still be a while before it pops though.

I am already starting to get a little uncomfortable in daily activities such as folding clothes. I usually do them on the floor and now I find that sitting down and leaning forward squishes my lungs! V can tell you I’m also walking about 10 times slower…and I never walked fast to begin with.

Thankfully I haven’t needed any maternity clothing yet although bra extenders have been my best friend. So far in this pregnancy I have been very on track with my recommended weight gain which I admit I’m actually surprised at. I felt very pleased with myself when my doctor weighed me and expressed that she was happy with how I’ve been doing. I hope I can keep it up for another 20 weeks because I know it’s only going to get harder and harder to move around!

Miss A’s kicks has been getting stronger and I can now feel her tumbling too. She is moving around a lot more. I am very thankful that I can feel her kicks because it gives me something to monitor her wellbeing by. During my Bali trip last week, I unfortunately caught a gastro bug. I was throwing up nonstop the night before Cindy and Phil’s wedding day. Luckily there was no fever so I knew it wasn’t too bad (although it felt absolutely horrible- far worse than morning sickness!) but I was very worried about dehydration because I couldn’t even keep water down all night and morning. But Miss A never stopped kicking so I knew she was fine. V and I kept talking to her to reassure her that everything was okay because I know she was probably stressed by the sound of me throwing up as well as the churning of my tummy. Thankfully after returning from the morning wedding ceremony, I managed to force down some fluids and I didn’t throw up again until night time so really, healthwise it wasn’t actually too bad (although the whole day felt like torture). By midnight it had all completely passed and I was able to drink normally again. I will never again travel while pregnant though! So glad this fell well within my second trimester and it wasn’t a serious bug!

V and I are pretty busy this week moving to the city! We got a cozy little one bedroom just before we left. V has figured out how we’d fit two kids in here over the next 2-3 years before we can afford a bigger place…haha…It feels great being back in the city and being close to our friends again. All you need is love 🙂

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