Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 19: It’s a……

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We revealed the results to our friends at Saturday dinner by getting them to cut open chocolate-covered cake balls (baked by yours truly) to find out whether it was blue or pink inside. It was good fun. Especially since they had placed bets on whether it’d be a boy or girl (the currency being bubble tea). Most people were expecting blue (although they made it clear it was just for betting purposes and didn’t reflect what they actually HOPED it was) but it was pink! They were so excited. When girls hear “it’s a girl” they automatically think of all the cute pink sparkly baby things they can get. Haha!

A onesie from Auntie Jojo!

We learned of the gender of the baby that afternoon at our anomaly scan which is done at Week 18-20 to detect fetal abnormalities. It was crazily detailed. They checked organs, aortas, arteries, heart valves, blood flow, and measured all the circumferences of body parts and lengths of bones. They also checked the placenta and umbilical cord. Pleased to report that everything was perfectly normal and she is now very much in proportion (not just a big head anymore!). She was also in a good position to check what was between her legs. When the sonographer said it was “definitely a little girl”, I teared up a bit in happiness.

Before I fell pregnant, I did secretly want a little girl…although after that when I knew I was pregnant, I didn’t want to be biased and prepared myself well for either outcome. But now to find out it really is a girl, I’m obviously delighted! Some people have asked whether V’s parents were disappointed to find out it was a girl (because it’s the first grandchild) and I’m like “Of course not!” My in-laws have never seemed to care about that Asian stereotype of wanting a boy first to “carry the family name” and I’m so glad for that. My Mum-in-law claims she felt it was a girl all along and even had a dream about it being a girl! She’s very happy she was right…haha!

A lot of people assume that you tell it’s a girl by the absence of the penis, but that’s not true- you can see girl bits too! Obviously for a boy, you look for a penis and scrotum, but if it’s a girl, you should be able to see the vulva which shows up as three lines on the scan. And we definitely could see three lines on ours! The sonographer was extremely confident. Just to be sure there was no “hidden penis”, she also checked from another angle but there wasn’t anything there! So it seems pretty definite. She said she’d be VERY surprised if it turns out otherwise.

V and I have had our baby names picked out long before we started even trying for a family. I have always wanted my kids to have unique, meaningful names that could also be shortened to common names- I started brainstorming in high school! I think we only came up with our girl’s name about two years ago though- it took a while because it felt like a girl’s name needed to be extra special! On the other hand, we agreed on our boy’s name even before we were married.

We invented our girl’s name but when I Googled it, I realised another version of it does exist which means “beautiful breath of life”. I really loved the meaning and thought it was meant to be! Her middle name means “princess”. I won’t reveal her full name because this is a public space. We will just call her Miss A 🙂 It feels great to now be able to refer to her as a “she” and call her by name when we talk to her now.

So Miss A is now kicking up a storm in my belly. The first time I was very sure I felt a kick (and could be certain it wasn’t my tummy gurgling) was last Thursday when I was sitting chatting to Mandi (apparently Mandi’s presence always makes unborn babies kick). Since then, she’s been going at it non-stop. I love it because it lets me know she’s alive and well in there. The way the kicks feel is pretty similar to those random involuntary muscle twitches/spasms. You definitely feel it when it happens, but it doesn’t hurt.

Most of her kicks are high up because her favourite position is head down (which also explains the firmness I feel so low). This was confirmed on the scan. She looked very content being upside down with her head down low. I’m glad she already seems to know where the exit is! Of course, she does move around but she seems to be in that position MOST of the time.

In Bali now for a friend’s wedding. It was a long tiring journey here and Miss A was obviously not too happy either as she was delivering some pretty hard kicks on the way here. Things are much better now that we’re actually here. I guess that’s another post for another time though! So that’s it for an exciting Week 19. Onto Week 20- the halfway mark!

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