Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 16: Starting to pop

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It’s Week 16 and the top of my uterus has now reached a couple of fingers below my belly button. It’s scarily high considering the uterus usually sits low in pelvis (lower than most women think). I’ve been impressed so far at how long my stomach muscles have managed to hold everything in tight. I guess it’s now reached the time when my tummy will start to pop and I will start gaining weight though. 

So far my weight has been quite stagnant because of morning sickness, although this hasn’t affected the baby’s growth one bit. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to “eat for two” when one of you isn’t any bigger than your hand. You’re only meant to gain 9-11kg for the entire pregnancy and that should be all baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, and things you can’t help like boobs, uterus, and increased blood volume and water retention. That recommended number of 9-11kg has actually been recently reduced from 11-15kg (for people starting at a BMI of 19-25). I guess with the previous number, doctors found that most women ended up gaining too much weight. It makes sense that if you’re already starting at a normal weight, you don’t need to pile on extra fat for yourself.

I have no problem sticking to a normal healthy diet because I’ve never been the type to eat junk food and binge anyway. My issue is more being disciplined enough to exercise daily. So far I haven’t been too bad though. I’ve been taking Taz on longer walks and I do resistance exercises with my gym ball and resistance bands while watching TV. I have definitely been feeling very pressured by the fact that I am weighed at every doctor’s appointment- I know it’s necessary but it feels horrible to have your weight gain charted out on your record. I guess it’s good pressure though because it means I’ll be working to stick to the recommended weight gain and that’s for the baby and my own benefit. Here’s to hoping I can keep being good for another 24 weeks.

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