Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 15: And it begins again…

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It’s Week 15 and my evening sickness has unfortunately returned. I’ve accepted that it’s probably going to be an off-on thing for my entire pregnancy. It’s not as intense as it was in the first trimester though and I’m certainly hoping it will stay that way. I’m so behind my studies now it’s not funny. Got to step on it and catch up! I want to be mostly done before the baby comes.

From an administrative point of view, we have things pretty much figured out. We’ve been booked into our hospital, seen a midwife, and chosen a GP obstetrician who will see us through the rest of my pregnancy. We’ve also booked two different birthing classes and a breastfeeding class (you might think it comes naturally- but most women who have had kids would tell you it doesn’t!).

So now all that is left to do is do a hospital tour (won’t change our mind but will be nice to see what we’re in for), and start figuring out what we need to buy for the baby! Considering the fact that shopping isn’t my thing, I think I need to start early and take it slow. 

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