Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 14: Entering the best trimester!

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It’s Week 14 going on 15 and I’m finally in the second trimester. I still get general feelings of queasiness and need to be careful to eat small meals regularly and sleep early; but either than that, I daresay morning sickness is behind me. I don’t think it’s possible to feel absolutely normal even in what is supposed to be the “best” trimester (touted as so because morning sickness is over and you aren’t too big yet), but considering I have a little human being growing inside me pushing my organs around, it’s close enough.

We got our Week 12 Down syndrome risk test results back and it shows that we are in the low risk category which is good news. Our next test is the anomaly scan when they check all the organs. We’re going to be doing this in Week 19 as we are going away on one last holiday during Week 20 (for a friend’s wedding). It will hopefully be then when we can find out the sex of the baby. I say “hopefully” because you might not be able to find out if the baby is in the wrong position or refuses to uncross its legs. I was one such baby! I had my legs crossed very tightly in the womb so my parents had to wait until I was born to find out if I was a boy or girl. Thankfully I turned out to be what they wanted!

V and I don’t care what the sex of the baby is, but if you’d ask me to actually put a bet on what I feel it is, I’d say it’s a girl. I’m the only one who thinks this though! Everyone else thinks it’s a boy! And I mean EVERYONE! Either way of course we’ll be happy. It’s just fun guessing. 

With the baby growing, physical discomfort has definitely gone up a notch…although it still can’t be compared to the horror which is morning sickness. I’m feeling more pressure in my pelvis and dull pains which I figure is my uterus stretching…but it could also be the baby moving or the placenta burrowing deeper into me (the placenta should now be on a second growth spurt)…who knows? It’s still more tolerable than period pains though.

Now that I have a little bit more energy, I’m trying to start light exercise again (mainly walking and resistance exercises). I really have been doing nothing for two months so it hasn’t been easy getting off my bum. Hopefully I can slowly build up my fitness again as the weeks go by. I’m happy with the fact that my late stages of pregnancy will be during summer because it means I can swim. I’m figuring that it’ll be the easiest exercise to do when I’m massive (as the water supports your body).

We have now been booked into a hospital for the birth. We are going through the public system- something we already decided before we started trying. We just felt that it wasn’t worth paying so much to go private when the public system is so good in Australia. We are going through the ‘shared-care system’ which means we’ll be seeing a midwife as well as a GP who is qualified in obstetrics. If there are no complications, it’ll just be a midwife at the birth. My birth plan is to go as natural as possible! No drugs or medical intervention unless my baby’s health is at risk! I’m going for my birthing classes next month and am determined to practice visualising and meditating everyday so that my body and mind will be very prepared when the time comes.

Cheers to the second trimester! I’m still marvelling at the fact that my body is creating something so beautiful inside me! How is it possible that I’m capable of doing this? It’s totally mind boggling when you think about it. God bless nature.

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