Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 12 scan: It’s a little person!

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Hello world!

I am a big head with a little body at the moment! But don’t be fooled- most of my organs are already formed (they just need growing and maturing now)! Check out my awesome brain in this photo! You can see my spine running down my back too!

High five!

So the ultrasound on Friday went great :). We won’t know the results of the Down syndrome risk test for a couple weeks because the measurements from the scan needs to be viewed alongside my blood test results; but everything else looks good! It was amazing seeing our little person. It was pretty detailed- they checked all the baby’s organs and seemed to measure everything. It took half an hour! They even counted fingers! And checked my ovaries and kidneys too!

The baby is measuring 2 days ahead of the due date given to us in the first scan and I actually believe this scan is more accurate because it was an internal (vaginal) scan which produces a much clearer picture compared to an external (abdominal) scan (which I did for the first scan). My uterus tilts backwards instead of the usual forwards (normal but in the minority- 20% of women) so externals in the early weeks can’t produce as detailed a picture as an internal (they needed a lot of detail for this for the specific measurements).  

I know an internal sound scary but I actually prefer it because you don’t need a full bladder for it. With externals, you need a full one to prop the uterus up and it’s absolute torture when they’re fully pressing into your bladder over a prolonged period of time (and they need to press extra hard for me because of the position of my uterus). It’s meant to be a happy experience seeing your baby and instead, all I can think about is how much pain I’m in and how much I need the toilet and how I want the whole thing to be over as soon as possible. I find the physical discomfort so unbearable that I seriously prefer the social discomfort of internals (it’s not the least bit uncomfortable physically- you hardly feel). We went to a nice clinic and got a really nice lady I was completely comfortable with so there wasn’t much social discomfort with this scan anyway. And I was just so happy to be able to see our baby in so much detail!

At the scan, the baby was 6.6cm (from head to bum- doesn’t include the legs yet because they’re still curled) and moving heaps (although I can’t feel it yet). It should be about 7cm today. Initially when the sonographer did an external scan, it was actually asleep and not in the right position for certain measurements. So she palpated my tummy and got me to shake my hips to wake it up and get it moving! Poor baby! You can actually see it’s world shaking on the ultrasound video.

Thankfully by the time we moved on to the internal scan, it started moving and then it actually got hiccups which looked pretty violent for such a little person. After moving for about half an hour, it then decided it had enough and went back to sleep- just before one last face measurement. So the sonographer tried another external scan to see if she could get a different angle- she had to press so hard into my abdomen I thought she was going to take out an ovary! V was sitting beside me feeling so so sorry for me. I’m sure he’s never been more thankful to be a guy.

Was so cool seeing our little baby. It’s so real now! Our next scan is in 2 months. It is then that we’ll find out the sex of the baby which will be so exciting! 🙂

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