Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 10: 1/4 there!

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It’s Week 10 and my little embryo is now officially a fetus! Unfortunately for me, my theme song is still Kermit’s “It’s not easy being green”; but I HAVE been feeling a lot more connected to the baby. My tummy is looking a little rounder and it’s exciting to know the baby is looking all human now and moving its limbs (although I can’t feel it)!

Part of the reason why I’m feeling more positive despite the constant nausea is that V is finishing up full-time work at the end of next week AND my Mum is coming over mid next week!  Yay! Looking forward to being looked after and pampered.

My Mum is making an adorable little blue and yellow quilt for the baby!

It’s half finished now but I’m pretty sure by the time it’s finished, it’ll still be the baby’s first item…haha. My Mum started early on it because she’s busy travelling for the rest of the year. We decided there’s no point waiting to know the sex of the child because it’s not like I’d want her to make a pink quilt if it were a girl anyway. 

Three more weeks before I enter the second trimester! Nausea be gone!