Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 9: The Nausea Onslaught

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In the beginning of June 2012, we discovered we were pregnant with our first child. This is the start of my pregnancy diary…:)

It’s Week 9 and my morning sickness has just gotten worse. I’m now very glad I gained weight and made sure all my vitamin levels were up to scratch before this pregnancy because I’m pretty sure I’m living off reserves right now! V made sure to stock up on Gatorade for me this week:

I have to say though, I’ve been coping a little better. I’m throwing up more, but at the same time, feeling a bit better in between the episodes. I have been able to resume a bit of studying for my Cert IV, and I’ve also been getting out a little more this week to see friends and family which has been nice.

What I miss most about my pre-pregnant life is being able to enjoy a good breakfast and coffee because that was my happy pill (considering I don’t shop!). I don’t actually want to drink coffee or miss it now because I’m so sick (I don’t even feel like bubble tea!), but I miss ENJOYING it if that makes any sense!  

I also feel sad that I can no longer enjoy a good hot shower! Now the heat just makes me nauseous and makes my heart pound alarmingly fast. The hard part is that despite the nausea, I actually still feel cold. So the trick is hot + fast! I often throw up or have to rush to an open window for fresh cold air after showering now.

Every pregnancy is different, but here are a few things that have taken me by surprise about my own experience so far:

  • How uncomfortable the early weeks are: From the time after ovulation into the first early weeks, I was super crampy! Apparently the uterus starts to stretch and relax early on and some women can feel this as discomfort. It felt like I was permanently in the first day of my period! Of course, once this subsided, the nausea began- couldn’t catch a break!
  • How early heartburn can hit: I always thought heartburn was more common towards the later stages of pregnancy when the baby pushes your organs up. I didn’t know the hormones can relax your digestive tract and give you heartburn so early in pregnancy. I asked my doctor which antacids are safe to take and he prescribe double strength Mylenta. I only took it over two days when the heartburn was killing me. Luckily, it became manageable after that without medication (didn’t want to take too much to be on the safe side).
  • How strange food aversions are: Strangely, I have been having trouble with Chinese food and greens. If you know me, you will know that’s very strange. I’ve also been preferring powdered milk over fresh. It’s unexplainable! Cooking has also been difficult, as is watching Masterchef sometimes…haha! Seeing large amounts of food on the table (e.g at a group dinner) is also difficult. It’s just bizarre how everything makes you want to throw up. It’s something you can only understand once you’ve experienced it.

Throwing up isn’t pleasant, but here’s a few things you can do to make it a little less unpleasant (I’m sorry if this sounds silly but this is information I would’ve appreciated beforehand!): If you have a few seconds between gagging and throwing up like I do, make sure you wear a hairband, clip your hair back, take off your glasses if you wear them, put the toilet seat up, and LINE THE BOWL WITH TOILET PAPER. This is very important to prevent a little something called splash-back! Also hold your nose if you can because it usually goes up and it WILL burn. I know it all sounds like commonsense, but it isn’t. If it’s been a while since you’ve thrown up, you can forget how violent it is and how difficult it is to hold your own hair back with your hand while it’s happening. (Of course you could always throw up in a bucket or bag- but I prefer to be able to flush it all away out of sight immediately!)

Throughout all this misery, I admit that it’s been difficult thinking positively. The other night, it occurred to me that I haven’t been making an effort to send positive energy to my baby because it’s been difficult to feel good about this pregnancy. It feels strange because I have dreamed of pregnancy for so long and always thought I would love the feeling of growing a baby inside of me. But now that it’s happened and it’s been such an uncomfortable experience, I find myself more looking forward to the birth and having the baby in my arms. I guess in the early stages, there is also a lingering sense of disbelief that this is happening. Maybe it will become more real when it grows and my tummy starts popping out and I can feel it moving inside of me. Hopefully the nausea will also subside soon so I can start to feel positive about this experience. As it is, I’m trying to now make a conscious effort to send positive, loving thoughts to this little person inside of me but I admit that when you’re tired and your head is pounding and your stomach is burning, it doesn’t come naturally. It’s a confession I never thought I would be making…but I guess there’s nothing predictable about pregnancy and motherhood.

Here’s to hoping I can give you all a better update at Week 10 🙂


  1. Reading about your experience made me realize that I'm not alone in my incessant negativity and confusion. Like yourself, I was ecstatic to become pregnant; I'm just struggling to maintain that positivity during episodes of intense nausea, vomiting, food aversions, fatigue, etc. I'm only 8 weeks in, but I was wondering: do you have any tips on maintaining physical fitness with morning sickness? My inability to be physically active is, no doubt, the hardest thing about pregnancy so far. I feel so lazy. 😔 Tips?? 

    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!


    1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Go easy on yourself! When you’re barely eating and puking all day, I think you should be conserving energy rather than thinking about exercising! Keeping fit was definitely the last thing on my mind during that period as I was actually losing weight from not eating. At most I imagine you should only be doing gentle walking if you have really bad morning sickness. Don’t worry, your energy will return in time and you will be able to resume whatever activity you used to do soon enough 🙂

      To be honest, I feel that looking forward to pregnancy so much can actually make things harder. I wanted so much to be a mum yet strangely after giving birth to my first daughter I struggled greatly to bond with her and feel positive about motherhood. She was so grizzly and the constant breastfeeding and sleep deprivation was overwhelming. Obviously things are wonderful now years down the road but it’s a crazy journey I can tell you that. So keep an open mind, don’t expect everything to be wonderful, know that life is really not going to be the same as before and that’s okay, tell yourself you don’t have to be perfect, and enjoy the ride!


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