Daniel Huf Discharged From Hospital

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Last week, I received some terrific news: Daniel Huf ( ‘Dead’ Man Found Alive – An Update on Daniel Huf ) has been released from hospital. The news even made it all the way to my local paper The Borneo Post:

Article From The Borneo Post

For more details, this is the media release by Royal Melbourne Hospital dated 10 May 2012:

Daniel Huf, the man declared dead after a car accident on 1 April, is recovering well and has been discharged from The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Both family and hospital staff are pleased with his progress.

Associate Professor Chris MacIsaac, Deputy Director of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, said that staff held grave concerns for Daniel when he was admitted to the ICU. “He made remarkable progress during his ICU stay and all staff were delighted to see him improve enough to move to a ward. Watching a patient progress from life support to discharge is very rewarding and we all wish Daniel the best in his continued recovery.”

Daniel’s parents, Colin and Elizabeth and their second son, Steven, have said his progress has amazed his wonderful doctors and nurses. “We know that it is a miracle that Daniel can walk, read, speak some recognisable words, write logical messages and recognise his visitors. He is able to perform some basic life skills of helping to shower and dress himself,” Mr Huf said.

They sincerely thank their wide circle of family and church friends for the prayers offered for Daniel both privately and in public worship services. “God has truly embraced Daniel and sustained his life at a time when the normal signs of life were not detectable immediately after his accident,” Mr Huf said.

The family acknowledge that the two paramedics who attended the accident performed very special lifesaving treatment on Daniel as the ambulance took him to The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Daniel, who still has a long way to go in his recovery, and faces more surgical procedures on his mouth and face, will be given specialist help for his swallowing, food intake and speech.

Daniels parents wish to express their sincere thanks to all the staff at The Royal Melbourne Hospital who were involved in Daniel’s care. “Their patience, understanding and meeting of Daniel’s needs has been wonderful to observe,” Mr Huf said.

“This is an exciting next stage for Daniel and we are confident God will continue to work through the medical staff, to heal Daniel, so he will be able to live a near to normal life.”

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